I am finding it really hard this week.  My tummy has been really bad and can not work out for the life of me what it actually is that sets it off.  It swells up like i am about 8 months pregnant and goes as hard as rock.  And then I get stressed about it which i am sure is only adding to the problem.  Vicious circle!

I think I am going to have to take my diet back to basics and then reintroduce everything and see what happens.  Oh the joys of living with the damage I did to my body.

I am going to go completely dairy and wheat free to start with as this always makes a massive difference.  Also I am going refined sugar free so that will help with my weight, well hopefully!

I am excited to try some recipes out in the dehydrator and am even toying with the idea of eating raw for a while.  I think this would be good for my tummy.

I am also going to start running again i think, as much for my sanity as anything else.  Been going through some personal things lately and think running would give me some great time to think and get some clarity.

I would just really like to be happy and comfortable in my own skin but it seems when I get closer something happens and I end up further away from that.  But hey we all need something to work towards don’t we?!